Tiara. A new sense of luxury

Exceptional settings, a dedicated passion for detail and the highest standards of quality are just some of the values that make Tiara so unique. Wherever you go, unforgettable experiences delight those who wish to discover a new measure of comfort that transcends the limits of conventional luxury.


Make an appointment with grace and glamour.

There are an endless number of new, sophisticated locations just waiting to be discovered and Tiara continuously travels the planet, exploring new lands in search of idyllic sites for its luxurious venues. From reinvented castles to palaces that are given a new lease on life, the Tiara hotels and resorts collection offers a universe of new sensations for your comfort and wellbeing.


Distinction. Individuality. Luxury. Comfort.

Tiara Hotels and Resorts are unique. Although there is a shared commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, each establishment boasts its own distinctive personality. Each has its own story to tell. The personal touch that is a hallmark of Tiara service expresses a simple and inspiring ideal: each guest harbours a garden of burgeoning memories waiting to flourish.

At a Tiara hotel or resort you will discover a new concept of luxury marked by sophistication and revelation. A luxury that can be seen and felt in every feature and detail.

Your comfort and contentment are absolute at Tiara, where everything comes together to create the perfect setting, full of small pleasures and unforgettable experiences.


Extraordinary people with a special mission.

Our Custodians are the face of Tiara.

Resolutely committed to their standard of excellence with an unwavering dedication to duty, these are the people who watch over and protect Tiara. It is they who secure our principles and ensure the timeless character of our establishments so that they may be enjoyed by everyone who desires such an experience.

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