Tiara Spa on the French Riviera

The Tiara Spa encompasses 2 floors and assures not only a complete change of scenery but long-term energy rejuvenation as well...

Tennis court

The tennis court beckons, especially in the cool hours of the early morning or early evening.

The pool

The one thing one should never resist is temptation: so dive into the pool straight away or try out a deckchair beforehand to relax and settle in.

Beauty & Tea Time

Beauty & Tea Time: Enjoy a restorative and rejuvenating moment at the price of 79€/person

Sports and activities

Whatever your routine, physical condition, and goals, our trusted partners will guide you through a carefully selected panel of activities to your liking.

Fitness center

With its collection of state of the art equipment and associated multimedia apparatus, the health center will inspire fitness enthusiasts.

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